Personal Training

CrossFit Boathouse also provides personal 1-on-1 training sessions. Whether you are completely new to CrossFit and are looking for more detailed instruction and 1-on-1 attention, you have specific goals to increase strength, increase skill, or lose weight and want to be held even more accountable by a personal coach, you are an advanced athlete looking to fine-tune your Olympic lifts, your gymnastics, or your metabolic conditioning, or even if you are a bit intimidated by the whole class exercise environment, CrossFit Boathouse Personal Training is an amazing resource for you.

In these private sessions, athletes will not only get individualized attention, but they will also get personalized programming. If you want to see results quickly, being held accountable and putting in the work during 1-on-1 sessions is definitely the way to go. In addition to personal programming based on your personal strengths and weaknesses, you will also get individually programmed mobility and recovery tools. Have a bum shoulder or a hip that keeps clicking? With the expertise of our Personal Training coaches, you will learn how to take care of your body and adjust your movements so as to limit pain, increase range of motion, increase strength, and thus improve movement patterns and overall quality of life.

This is an awesome opportunity – inquire today!