What is a general CrossFit Boathouse class like?

For starters, our classes start on time.  We at CrossFit Boathouse believe in creating a professional environment in which coaches and clients have mutual respect for one another.  One way to demonstrate such respect is by athletes arriving to class early or on time and in turn coaches beginning class on time.  Athletes are welcome to come to class early to work on extra mobility, warm-ups, or skill work.  First time visitors are asked to arrive early as well to check-in with the coach and fill out our waiver.

To begin class, the coach will run through a description of the warm-up and mobility after introducing him/herself and introducing any new athletes.  CrossFit Boathouse believes that the warm-up and mobility work are important and should adequately prepare the athletes’ muscles, central nervous system, and mentality for the WOD ahead.

The coach will then talk through the strength workout and general workout of the day (WOD).  CrossFit Boathouse coaches are educated in all the skills used, and will always provide detailed and clear instruction of each skill.  CrossFit Boathouse athletes can expect to follow an intentional and well-thought-out strength program meant to produce gains in strength and form.  The strength work will prelude the workout.  At CrossFit Boathouse, we pride ourselves in our programming.  We follow the general CrossFit mindset of constantly varied functional movements done at a high intensity, and we are sure to develop a pattern and schedule of such workouts that again produce the greatest boost in fitness, improvement, and strength.

After the timer beeps and the workout begins, you can expect your CrossFit Boathouse coach to be watching your form while also encouraging you through the workout.  The class will end with a cool-down that meshes well with that day’s workout.

Expect to have fun, sweat, and get all the gains!