About CrossFit Boathouse

CrossFit Boathouse believes that in order for our CrossFit athletes to grow and improve, they must be challenged in a supportive environment led by professional, knowledgeable, and caring coaches. Our purpose is to support our clients in reaching their goals by helping them gain strength and confidence in body and mind. We pride ourselves in having attentive coaches who not only participate in CrossFit as athletes but also work to continue to develop their education and skills as a coach. Programming is important to CrossFit Boathouse, and we strive to provide intentional, challenging, organized programming designed to help our athletes reach their potential. Above all, CrossFit Boathouse is a community focused on support, encouragement, and drive.

At CrossFit Boathouse, we treat all our athletes as just that – athletes. In addition to providing WODs, coaching, and open gym time for all of our athletes, we recognize that to be truly successful as an athlete and human and to be our best selves, we need a lot more than just a workout. We attend to the whole athlete by providing recovery tools, mobility tools, extra gym time and space to use these tools, a variety of additional educational sessions (focused on nutrition, Olympic lifting form, mental toughness skills, and many more), and community social events.

CrossFit Boathouse is all about the gains. Gains in strength, gains in fitness, gains in friends, gains in confidence, and gains in overall quality of life. At CrossFit Boathouse, we believe in continually striving to be better. Yes, we have created a box that focuses on getting fit, but more than that we have created a box that focuses on providing a supportive and educational environment in which all members are continually pushed to their potential both mentally and physically.