wk 1 day 4

CrossFit Boathouse – Personal Training

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2 rounds

10 I-Y-T-W-Reverse Flye, no more than 5lbs per arm for Justin 2.5lbs per arm for Aislin

Split Squat (4×8)

45-55% 1 RM back squat
taking fromt he rack

step into a lunge position, you are going to lower your back knee to the ground, then drive up without bringing your feet together. do this 8 times per leg,

Justin- 135lbs

Aislin- 55lbs



odd- :30 headstand

even- max L-sit

to scale this, bend your knees and pull knees as high as you can. Only scale if you cant maintain straight legs, with your toes above your hips

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Every 4 min for as long as possible (6 rounds max)

20 thrusters (95/45)

8 toes to bar

15/10 calorie bike
when weights are written (95/45) the first number is always the male weight, the second is the female weight. in this case justin is 95lbs aislinn is 45lbs (just the bar)

if you cant get 8 ttb and finish in 4min scale to 5

Aislinn will do 8 knee raises, hanging from the bar, pull your knees up to your chest then straighten them back out

calories on the bike 15/10 is the same as weight, male and female

you’ll have to move quickly on this to get through it…the hardest part should be the thrusters, followed by the bike