A Wellness Event!

On Saturday June 24th from 10am-12pm, Whole Foods off of State Street in Santa Barbara is hosting a Wellness Event, and CrossFit Boathouse is attending!

We will be having an Assault Bike competition!!  In the Whole Foods!  Max calories in 30s (or a minute…?  ugh that’s so long!).  There will be a variety of different businesses and wellness activities, demonstrations, fitness challenges, and free samples.  Sounds like fun!

We will also be participating in the Whole Foods Smoothie Smack Down!  So we need to create a Boathouse Beast smoothie. Whole Foods will sell it for two weeks (along with other smoothies that other people create) and whoever sells the most during those two weeks will get their smoothie on the Whole Foods Menu FOREVER!  How cool is that?!

Send us your smoothie ideas by commenting here, writing CrossFit Boathouse a Facebook message, or sending us a DM on Instagram.  Look below on the qualifications for the smoothie.  Get your ideas in ASAP!

Whole Foods DEFINITELY needs the Boathouse Beast smoothie permanently on its menu!


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