Summer of Gains

CrossFit Boathouse is proud to present…the SUMMER OF GAINS!


What is the Summer of Gains?

The Summer of Gains is a 6-week program designed entirely for teenagers and young adults (ages 14-20).  During these 6 weeks, athletes will be introduced to fitness training based in the CrossFit modality.  They will receive personalized one-on-one and group instruction focused in proper movement patterns, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, and weightlifting skills.  The CrossFit Boathouse coaching staff possess a wide variety of expertise to make this program unlike any other offered for adolescents.


When is the Summer of Gains?

The Summer of Gains will run from June 26th – August 4th.

Classes will take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  2-3:30pm


So what exactly does the Summer of Gains include?

Gains in Fitness, Gains in Strength, Gains in the Brain, Gains in Friends, and Gains in Confidence!

Gains in Fitness:  The Summer of Gains includes 6 weeks of CrossFit training focused in the adolescent muscle, joint, and brain patterns.  In that, the program also includes an entire summer of membership for all classes and open gym hours at CrossFit Boathouse (wow!).

Gains in Strength:  The program also includes 6 Olympic and power lifting classes taught by certified lifting coaches.

Gains in the Brain:  The Summer of Gains will include 6 different educational lessons and talks.  This includes college preparatory talks, interview lessons, SAT preparatory skills, social media intelligence, and more given by highly qualified speakers.

Gains in Friends:  The Summer of Gains is for adolescents and young adults between the ages of 14 and 20.  What a great way to meet new people and make new friends!

Gains in Confidence:  Nothing helps people feel better about themselves and happier with their lives more than learning and embracing how to be healthy and in control of life.  Learn how to work hard and play hard!


How do I sign up?

Sign up TODAY (spots are limited)


Email for more information


Amy Venditta is a Level 2 certified CrossFit coach with an Olympic Weightlifting certification.  She earned her MEd from Harvard Graduate School of Education in Neurobiology and Psychology, focusing on the adolescent brain within education and movement.